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We are a forward thinking creative agency.

Paper Plane Design+Digital is an independent agency that is a completely different animal from all the other agencies. We utilize the power of digital and social advertising, complete with floating, diverse talent and different business model, unlike other agencies. We help forward thinking brands soar above the noise by making their own.

We believe that advertising has the ability to move things— hearts minds and the imagination.

That's our mantra, it's the flight path for everything that we do. We believe that a small group of smart, and ambitious individuals have what it takes to get things done. This is a different kind of animal from every other agency, our crew is standing by to make sure that every one of your needs is met. How we work is a direct representation of the work that we can deliver.

Brand Design

People want to feel confident with what they buy, which is why your brand should encompass the core values to make a lasting impact.


Build long-term consumer loyalty through targeting, personalization and measured engagement strategies.


Engage real time communication with consumers through mobile devices and view their behaviour through online analytics.

Social Media Advertising

In todays' saturated online universe, our team of strategists help you get involved in the conversation and socially spread your message.

Digital Marketing

Our digital experts put their expertise in user experience, design, development and SEO to bring creative ideas to life.

Creative Advertising

We combine human insights and strategy to develop brand communications and ultimately increase your sales


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As a digital creative agency we realize that as the world becomes more connected, marketing efforts must become more individualized. That's why we're not the conventional ad agency. We are creative instigators, we disect your brand and get immersed in your numbers, reinvent your wheel and help your brand take flight. We're here to help you succeed, are you ready get started?

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